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Narrative Speech Topics: Engage the Audience with a Great Story

Want to meet the expectations of your tutor by writing an impressive narrative? Pick the right topic and you’ll manage to do this successfully. The choice of a topic plays a crucial role in the success of your paper. If you pick the topic you feel passionate about, the reader will feel engaged in the story. Are you looking for great narrative speech topics? Look no further. Here you’ll find the most interesting topics ideas that are worth your attention. 

Why Is It So Important to Pick the Right Topic for Your Narrative Essay?

Narrative writing genre has a lot of subgenres. This means that every writer can find a topic to his or her personal preferences. When you are assigned to write a narrative paper, you can write either about your life experience or about some fantastic events. Be guided by your own interests. Why not tell about the fascinating event that happened to you when you were a child? Or maybe you want to tell about your vision of a perfect life? Whether you are going to write about realistic or imaginary events, remember that your paper should contain a hook. 

Find it difficult to choose a topic among a variety of ideas? The best topics are here. Check them below.

Top-20 Narrative Speech Topics for You to Hook the Reader

Have a look at the topics that will definitely engage your reader. 


  • Tell about your first job experience. If you haven’t had a job yet, you can tell about some activities you’re engaged in college now.
  • Tell how you were saving money to buy the thing you were dreaming about. Describe what it was and explain to the reader why this thing was so dear to you. 
  • Share life experience that has taught you an important lesson.
  • Tell about a thing you were afraid of being a kid. Tell about your fears and what you have done to get rid of them.
  • Tell how you’ve fallen in love for the first time. Tell how your love story began and how your relationships were developing.
  • Write about the fascinating traveling experience. Tell about the place that has impressed you the most. 
  • Tell about how you met your best friend. Write about the events that helped you to become close.
  • Share a story about the worst summer holidays you’ve ever had. Tell about summer holidays that didn’t meet your expectations.


    1. Tell about a great adventure you had. 


  •  Tell about the most beautiful dream you’ve seen. Write about the things you did and saw in your dream.
  • Write about the competition you won.
  • Tell about the most interesting events of your childhood.
  • Tell about going to the cinema or theatre for the first time.
  • Write about your life when you were 15.
  •  Recall problems you had being a teenager.
  • Share your success story.
  • Tell how your parents and you spent the weekend together.
  •  A birthday party you liked (disliked) most.
  • The hardest life experience you’ve ever had.
  •  The most difficult problem you have solved.


The topic you will choose must be useful for the reader. Your story must teach something or encourage people to do something. Of course, you can tell a story that with the purpose to tell a funny story that took place with the aim to entertain your audience. Whatever purpose for your narrative writing you’ll choose, make sure you’ve achieved it!

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