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Secret Tips and Tricks on How to Write an Impressive Narrative Essay

What feelings and emotions do you have when hearing “Write a narrative essay for tomorrow”? Let me guess. Are they confusion and fear not to be on time with the paper? Don’t worry! I am a student and I know how it is to be overloaded with academic assignments. There was a time when I had the same feelings until I’ve come up with several effective ideas that helped me to create A-grade narratives without any efforts. Are you interested and want to learn more? I would be happy to share my secret tips for writing good quality narrative essays based on my personal experience.

Narrative Essay Is Just a Story You Tell to Your Friend

Believe me, if you take a sheet of paper and start telling a story imagining that your friend is sitting in front of you, your narration will be impressive. Each of us tells at least one story per day. What makes these stories so different? Their contents quality. Some are really interesting so that it is difficult to wait until the story end. Others are so boring the only wish you have is to escape from the storyteller. There are several factors that influence the quality of narrative essays. The main one is the ability to understand the audience. You need to take into account the interests of your listener when choosing an essay topic.

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My Tips on How to Write  A+ Narrative Essay

Good narration is like a picture you see in your mind and tell your friend expressing your sincere emotions. If you manage to describe everything so that the listener has a feeling he/she looks at the pic, the success is guaranteed. I love writing essays and I do this well. So, I have decided to share some tricks with you here. Check them below and get started with your narrative paper writing.

  • Intrigue the reader by starting your story from the middle. Be original and tell your story another way. Make it effective and powerful. Remember that you won’t have a second chance to hook the reader. So, it is a good idea to start from some impressive event, which will be the focus of your essay. 
  • Don’t be predictable. Make your story moving. The reader shouldn’t predict what is going to be next. If you manage to create a unique story, you will be given the guaranteed A-grade. 
  • Avoid common phrases. One more thing I’d like to draw your attention to is that banality is your enemy. After you finish essay writing, make sure the story is meaningful. Try to omit using a lot of stop words. Your task isn’t to add length but to reflect the main idea of the story. 
  • Add more specific details. It is a big mistake not to pay attention to details. They help to make the whole picture bright and vivid. Sometimes, a small detail may change the attitude to the narrative essay character. Add some specific information for the reader to feel closer to you. 
  • Create an atmosphere of trust. The listener shouldn’t doubt your words. Make sure that your story sounds realistic and convincing. Make it so that the listener plunges into the story. It is very important to be sincere to the audience.

If you want to be sure that your story sounds just perfect, then, you need to reread the paper twice, read it aloud to someone, and edit, sometimes using services similar to if necessary. Hope that my tips and tricks will help you to win the attention of your target audience. Just be yourself and follow the above-listed pieces of advice to achieve success. Want to know more? Check out my other posts with tips and tricks.

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