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30 Narrative Essay Topics for a Flawless Composition

Writing a narrative essay can be a tricky challenge. The narrative essay differs from any other academic paper or essays. It is a brief description of an author’s attitude towards a happening or an object.

The composition does not imply strict stylistic boundaries. It does not need special scientific knowledge as well. As a rule, a narrative essay is about various characters affected you. Treat a narrative essay as a biography or story enriched with your thoughts and conclusions. What about narrative essay topics? Is there any reason to dedicate the post to them?

A narrative essay has become a typical assignment. You can meet it everywhere:

  • University admission tests
  • Regular assignment
  • Part of the finals
  • Part of a contest
  • Scholarship admission

It is a universal way to estimate a writer. As for the topics, the main point is the possibility to choose your own. Some assignments have an already written theme. In other cases, an author has to suggest his/her own. In this situation, it is important to connect it with a plot, climax, introduction, and conclusion. Do not forget about attaching personal experience. Write down a purpose of the narrative essay and try to squeeze everything into a limited number of words.

These requirements can be fulfilled. The first step is a good theme. Here are some tips, examples, and details of narrative essay topics that will help you to compose.

“Life Lesson” Narrative Essays

The most significant aim of a narrative essay is a transition of author’s experience and changing the attitude of a reader by a tale told. Mind something remarkable happened to you. Let your audience find something to learn from your text:

  1. The Best Day of My Life
  2. The Worst Thing Happened to Me
  3. A Way I Moved to A New Country
  4. A Day When I Started Accepting Myself
  5. A Day That Changed My Nature
  6. The Most Important Time of My Life
  7. A Decision I Regret
  8. My Life Goal and My Attempts to Reach It
  9. A Moment I Stopped Being a Coward
  10. A Decision I Am Proud Of
  11. How I Showed My Values
  12. My Success and How I Reached It
  13. The Best Time with My Family
  14. The Brightest Memory from My Childhood
  15. My Hobbies and Leisure Activities

Influence Narrative Essays

Students know the topics under the title. These narrative essays describe a subject, person, information or happening influenced an author mostly. Many people uncover their favors as well.

  1. My Best Friend and How I Met Him/Her
  2. My Favorite Book – A Reason Everyone Should Read It
  3. A Politician I Admire
  4. A Celebrity I Try to Follow
  5. A Musician I Like
  6. A Song Changed My Attitude to Music
  7. My Favorite Movie
  8. My Personal Opinion About the Latest Elections
  9. LGBTQ Movement and My Attitude to It
  10. My Way to Stop Harassment
  11. The Most Unpleasant Time I Faced Racism
  12. A Great Woman in History Inspired Me
  13. A Quote that Became My Personal Motto
  14. A Poem I Like Most of All
  15. A Story That Impressed Me Greatly

You can pick one line or create your own narrative essay using our ideas. Get prepared for everything on this list, and you will not be scared of any exam or test anymore.

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