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How to Write a Narrative Essay Introduction?

You will hardly find a student who has never written narrative essays. This task is very popular among European and American students, but it doesn’t mean that every student can get through this tricky assignment successfully. The most complicated section is an introduction. So, how to write a narrative essay introduction in a proper way?

What is the main mission of the introduction? It goes without saying that the introductory sentences should grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read your essay until the end.

Statistically, a person needs a few seconds to decide whether this article is interesting for them or not. If the first sentences don’t catch the reader’s eye, they won’t continue reading your essay. Before you start writing, you need to choose an interesting topic to cover in your essay. You should be very attentive when choosing the topic to write about. First, this area should be interesting for you. Secondly, you should be sure that you can cover it. For instance, if you choose a too broad theme, it goes without saying that you won’t cover it if your limit is 500-700 words.

When you finally choose the theme, it is time to start writing an introductory paragraph. To make it more effective, you can start with:

  • A provoking question, which can touch the reader’s soul;
  • Shocking statistics regarding the theme;
  • A joke, which is relevant to the topic;
  • A good real-life example, which will make your readers think of the topic.

Never start writing with too long and boring sentences. This approach doesn’t work! Try to be more creative and think outside the box. If your key mission is to get the audience excited, you should think of things that can be interesting for them. If handled properly, you’ll easily tackle that challenge!

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