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How To Start A Narrative Essay: Write A Fantastic Story

A narrative essay gives the writer an opportunity to express emotions and share memories with readers. Still, there are some standard rules that should be applied to that type of essay to make it better. To make your essay interesting, you need to write an introduction that would have a hook to attract more readers. So how to start a narrative essay

Top 5 ways how to start a narrative essay

  • Use a quote. If there is an inspiring quote that fits your topic, include it in your beginning. Choose a quote that would not be too long: a short quote would be just right. 
  • Start with a fact. Choose the fact that is not widely known. For readers, a new fact can become a way to connect your topic and story with the real world. 
  • Provide a definition of your topic. If you know that the theme you chose is not really easy and can be misunderstood, define the topic right in the beginning. 
  • Include some statistics. Showing a big picture can give readers an interesting perspective of a topic. Look for some stats on the trusted websites to pick something for your essay. 
  • Pose a question. Ask your readers something that would make them think about things that didn’t even pay attention to. Give the answer to this question in the text. 

There are many other ways how to start a narrative essay: just brainstorm some ideas and you will get the right one. Also, don’t forget about including a thesis statement in your beginning since it’s a very important part of any paper. Write several drafts of your narrative essay so you would be able to choose the best one. Believe in your powers and skills, and you will achieve everything!

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