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What Is a Reflection and What Should a Reflection Do in a Narrative Essay?

Have no idea what is the connection between a narrative story and a reflection? Wonder what should a reflection do in a narrative essay? Let’s sort it out. First, let’s give a definition of a reflection. It refers to the analysis of certain events, the personal experience of the writer. Reflective writing supposes that the writer should give an insight into some situations. It’s a good idea to include a reflection into a narrative essay because it helps to give the account of the writer’s experience. 

The key purpose of writing a reflection is to analyze how a certain event has influenced the life of the writer. Learn more about other roles a reflection performs when being included in a narrative essay paper

What should a reflection do in a narrative essay: 5 key roles a reflection plays

Before writing a reflection, you need to have a clear picture of why you should include it in your narrative story. Check how a reflection can help your target audience to benefit from reading your story. In a narrative essay, a reflection should do the following:

  • Analyze the experience the story is about.
  • Make it clear how valuable the experience is for the writer.
  • Show how a certain event has influenced other aspects of the writer’s life.
  • Add some useful information about the characters.
  • Explain how the personal experience of the writer may be of use to the reader. 

A reflective narrative essay paper is one of the ways to express yourself. Most students like this kind of essay more than any other kind of writing. It doesn’t require you to conduct research to write a good story. The only thing you should do is to tell about your individual experience, including the reflection of an event.

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