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Writing A Narrative Story: The Best Tips And Topics

A narrative essay is one of the most popular types of essays among writers, amateur and professionals. It allows the authors to open their hearts and share the most personal and secret stories with their readers. But writing a narrative story is not a very easy process. This article is going to give some tips on how to write an amazing narrative essay on any topic. 

Tips On Writing A Narrative Story 

Here are a few useful tips you could use to write the best narrative essay that will win the attention of many readers.

  • Even a narrative story requires some planning. Think about how you are going to start and end it, what is your main point is going to be and which moment of your essay is the main one. 
  • Decide on the topic of your essay. Is there any funny, interesting, or surprising story that happened to you? When and where did it happen? Think about the most memorable moments of your life and how would you describe them. Your story doesn’t have to be about something big. Even small ideas, events, and adventures can become an inspiration for a great story. 
  • Don’t use the second person in your essay. One of the key things about the narrative essay is the story that the author shares from his or her own life. If you a second-person narrative, the story will seem much different. 
  • If you use any quotes, make sure to cite them. Even though it’s a narrative essay, still the words of others have to be cited. It’s a golden rule that all writers need to follow, and it doesn’t matter what type of text they work on. 

Top 10 Topics For A Narrative Essay

There are many interesting things you could write about in your narrative story. Here are some of the topics that you might like

  1. Share the best and the worst event in your life. 
  2. Describe a time when you met your best friend for the first time. 
  3. How do you overcome your fears? Tell about your phobia and how you deal with it. 
  4. Describe the most memorable moment of your life. 
  5. Tell about the most incredible achievement that you are proud of. 
  6. Tell about the event or situation that has changed your life forever. 
  7. What is the hardest decision that you have ever made? 
  8. Which books and movies are your favorites? How did they change you? 
  9. Tell about your favorite high school teacher. What did you learn from them? 
  10. Talk about the relationships with your parents. What do you do together? 

To Sum Up 

Writing a great narrative essay might take some time, but it’s definitely worth it. Train your writing all the time to make sure that your skills get only better. Always believe in yourself and you own powers, and you will achieve everything in no time. Never give up on your dreams and goals, even if it gets harder.

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