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How to Add Dialogs in Your Narrative Essays?

Your tutor told that you need to write a top-quality narrative essay with a dialog, right? Though this form of academic writing is easier than any other one, some students failed this task. Why does it happen? What do they do wrong? In sober fact, it doesn’t matter what characters are in the center of your story and what particular event you want to describe. There are some other rules, any author doing this task need to adhere to.

Narrative essays are meant to describe this or that event, story, situation, etc. You have more chances to get the best grade if you are free to choose the topic yourself. However, some professors assign topics themselves. In this case, students should process the literature in order to cover it in the right way. Keep in mind that you aren’t allowed to plagiarize. Otherwise, your grade will be lower.

The overriding purpose of this review is to provide you with insightful tips on how to add dialogs in a narrative essay. We’ll examine the main role of a dialog in an essay and provide you with the samples of some dialogs. Mayhap, this information will help you create a top-notch narrative essay.

Types of Dialogs to Use in Narrative Essays

Firstly, we should clarify the basics. What is a dialog? It is a simple conversation between the main characters of your narrative essay. Sometimes, it is necessary to add them into the description of this or that event in order to make your narrative essay more effective. As a result, your paper will be more personal and easier to read.

Regarding the format, there are two important types of quotes:

  • Direct. Their primary aim is to support an argument of a person in your narrative.
  • Indirect quotes are just a part of a written story. Besides, they add a creative touch to your narrative essay.

Keep in mind that this form of academic writing is intended to share the details of this or that story. You either share your personal experience or your point of view regarding different topics. That’s why your words help your readers imagine the situation. When reading your narrative essay, this person should imagine as if they witnessed it themselves. Dialogs can help you achieve that effect!

How to Add Dialogs in Your Narrative Essay?

Any writer dealing with narrative essays must adhere to some rules. We mean the use of quotation marks. We created two samples allowing you to understand what quotation marks to use:

  1. Incorrect version: Julia said, she doesn’t know the climax of this story. Besides, it was really hard to understand the main plot.
  2. Correct version: Sam said, “I don’t like the city. It is too dirty and too noisy.”

Sometimes, you need to use longer dialogs. Keep in mind that if a dialog in your narrative essay is longer than one paragraph, your quotation marks must be added at the beginning of each paragraph. Check out the samples:

  1. Incorrect version. John said, “ I couldn’t even imagine that the drone can help in search and rescue operations to find her, but it did!

Thanks to the aerial vehicle, she survived.”

  1. Correct version. Emilie said, “My life is not so interesting as it was before. I have no idea what to do. “

“Thanks God, you came back.”

Using these simple rules, you’ll add a personal touch to your narrative essay. Besides, all of your arguments will seem to be stronger than they are!

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