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What Is a Narrative Essay: Definition and Effective Writing Tips

What is a narrative essay?” is the first question every student should ask when getting an assignment to write a narrative essay. Only having a clear picture of the main essay features it is possible to create a high-quality paper. A narrative essay can be defined as a story the writer tells the reader. In most cases, it’s a story based on personal experience. This kind of essay consists of the same parts a good story has. This means that it starts with a short introductory part, then, the writer continues telling about the main events in the plot, and finally, goes to the end of the story. 

Before finishing a narrative essay, it’s recommended to include climax. It’s the most intense scene that makes the reader wonder what is going to happen in the end. Follow useful tips to write a great narrative essay that will impress your tutor.

What is a narrative essay: Tips for creating a great story

Every day you tell stories to your friends and relatives. Is there any difference between such stories and narrative essays? In fact, they are very similar.  The main idea is to share some story, experience, interesting episode from somebody’s life, which can be either entertaining, informative, or instructive. Check the tips on how to write a powerful narrative essay:

  • Write from the 1st person. 
  • Hook your reader from the very first lines.
  • Open the story with an interesting (shocking/intriguing) fact.
  • Develop the plot keeping in mind the cause-and-effect chain of events.
  • Describe the story characters in detail.
  • Include dialogs to make the story more vivid.

Remember that a narrative story should show a picture to the reader. The main task of the writer to make it so that it seems to the reader that he/she is looking at the pic not reading a story. To achieve this effect, include sensory descriptions.

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