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Which Type of Wording Should a Writer Delete in a Narrative Essay?

Have you written a narrative essay? Don’t hurry up to submit it. First, check whether it sounds good or certain improvements are needed. So, which type of wording should a writer delete in a narrative essay? To know what to avoid when writing a narrative essay, you should understand what makes a really great story. Let’s have a closer look at what you should avoid when creating a narrative essay.

Words and expressions that can spoil your narrative essay

The main task of the narrator is to tell a hooking story about his or her personal life experience. Have you ever thought about why some stories attract your attention while others make you bored? The way how writers choose words and expressions matters much for the overall impression the story makes. Check the tips on how to choose the right words when crafting an essay and which way of expressing ideas you’d better avoid. 

  • Delete words and phrases, which сarry the same information. A good narrative essay should be informative. Your goal isn’t to increase the volume of the essay but to provide the reader with more details.
  • Avoid vague expressions, which may puzzle and confuse the reader. Remember that good narration should be written in a clear and concise manner. 
  • Substitute passive voice constructions with active voice sentences where it’s possible.
  • Don’t use many introductory words and adverbs.
  • Cut all the words that don’t contribute to the meaning of your sentences. For example, such words as basically, additionally, very, in order to, literally, etc. 
  • Word expressions like “As for me, in my opinion, etc.” Everything in your narrative essay is your opinion. This means you can avoid these words.

Make sure your story sounds eye-catching, informative, and vivid. When editing a narrative essay, you’re recommended to read it aloud. Ask someone to listen to your story to make sure you’ve polished it.

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