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Blind Memories

My grandfather used to be the smartest person in the world. I am sure he was. There was nothing he could explain or narrate to me. He seemed to see the genuine essence of the world we all live in. When I lost my sight being only six years old, he was the one who supported my connection with the whole world. He was doing it with his tales.

My sight has always been weak. I could have stopped in the middle of a street totally lost trying to define a further direction. My parents were sure that I was inattentive and had my head in the clouds, but I could not distinguish any items around me. Everything started being blurred. I was gazing at everything with great attention when my eyes worked, but these periods were becoming shorter. Once, I failed to recognize a face of my father, and my parents took me to a hospital to discover that I was gradually growing blind.

My grandfather was the one who did not allow me give up.The operation was not possible because of my health issues, we needed to treat several other diseases before correcting a sight, and I had to live in darkness. Grandfather supported my memory and boosted my imagination every day. He was narrating mythic and fair stories about everything around us. He made me describe the things that I used to see previously in detail and then was telling something about them I could not believe.

I remember he gave me his knife. I was careful with it, as it was sharp – the grandfather carved figures and household items with it. I was holding it and trying to restore its look in my memory, and grandfather was telling a story of a knife. I knew that it was a fiction, as he told that his own father was a warrior who got a gift from a wizard. Having this knife, he was never wounded in a battle, and he could carve any figure in detail with it. A magic knife was then received by my grandfather, and he promised that one day i will get it, and I will be able to carve anything. I touched a blade with my fingers, it was smooth and cold, and I imagined how great I will be in carving. I wanted to make the magic creatures that were mentioned by my grandfather and present them to him.

he made me wals a lot, we were researching the hills and fields, and he taught me how to define the flowers and trees. being blind, I could have found any local plant by smelling and touching. Grandfather promised that one day we hike together and find real highland edelweiss.

He died a month before I had my operation. When a bandage was taken off my eyes, I saw the faces of parents, sun, flowers and trees, and a knife left by grandfather. Later, when my sight became stable and it became possible to read, a father gave me a book of tales written and illustrated by a grandfather. There were all the creatures he was talking about, all the wizards and witches who lived in his tales. He painted them for me, and I was spending the months looking at them and trying to recall their images in my own memory.

I think about it every day, and soon there will be a day to honor grandfather the way he deserved. Each magic creature, each wizard, dragon, and witch will come alive in my film – they will talk, fly, and conjure. I made them alive after looking at their stable images day by day and thinking about our long walks.

My grandfather will live forever in this film, he will be in his real look – a powerful magician, a wise lord of the magic world. Restoring his image was rather challenging, my parents had already died, he did not like photos, and I do not really remember his face. Being blind, I was trying to memorize it, touching it with my hands, but I remember only a long beard and smile. Actually, all the wizards have beards – I created the image of a true gray-haired magician with deep wisdom in his eyes. I do not really remember, but I believe that this image is similar to my grandfather.

I was thinking about it walking in a field and recognizing familiar smells. I had a knife in my pocket, and I knew that it was a magic knife. I had my eyes and wisdom from a grandfather in my head. I was going to make it live in my film forever, as this magic should not be locked in my head. Grandfather dies being my donor and rescuing me, I will make him immortal in my film.

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